CHAT Shanghai 2016
China Hotels & Tourism Conference

September 21-22 | Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

Horwath HTL, STR Global and China Tourist Hotel Association have created a new brand identity – CHAT, tailored for China’s hotel and tourism industry! CHAT, the abbreviation for China Hotels And Tourism, encourages industry people to gather, create dialogues and network through the platform, as well as to exchange and share experience and knowledge.


CHAT Beijing is an enhancement of “China Hotel Development and Financing Conference,” which has been held for 11 years. There were more than 650 delegates that attended CHAT Beijing 2015, with the largest number being Chinese domestic hotel developers and owners. CHAT Shanghai is an upgrade of our annual “China Hotel Market Review and Outlook Seminar,” which has been held over the past 8 years. Over 510 delegates attended CHAT Shanghai in September 2015.

CHAT Beijing and CHAT Shanghai, held in spring and autumn respectively, cover the entire business cycle of hotel and tourism projects, from development and investment to asset management and operations. Among the participants, 36% were owners and developers, 33% came from corporate level hotel management companies, 14% were architects and interior designers, 12% were industry professionals (lawyers, consultants), and 5% were from media and other associates.


CHAT will enable you to achieve successful business development and brand image improvement through its powerful and influential platform!

Why attend CHAT Beijing?

• Largest network among developers and owners, operators, architects and designers, lawyers, project managers, and other professionals in China’s hotel and tourism industry.

• Long history and high recognition with ten years track record since 2005.

• About 650 participants attended the 2015 Beijing event.

• Delegate mix: 34 percent were owners and developers, 32 percent came from corporate level hotel management companies, 14 percent were architects and interior designers, 12 percent were industry professionals (lawyers, consultants), and 8 percent were from media and other associates.

• Focus on hotel and tourism development and investment issues.

• Excellent exposure in Beijing, China’s Capital City. 

• Access to Horwath HTL’s strong network.


Why attend CHAT Shanghai?

• Focus on asset management and operation issues.

• Tailored to owners investing in the hotel and tourism sector to explore ways of maximizing investment return.

• A platform to foster harmonious relationship between hotel owners and operators.

• Highly recognized with eight years in hosting “China Hotel Market Overview and Outlook”.

• Over 500 delegates for CHAT Shanghai 2015.

• Delegate mix: 35 percent were owners and developers, 34 percent came from corporate level hotel management companies, 12 percent were architects and interior designers, 13 percent were industry professionals (lawyers, consultants, financing experts), and 6 percent were from media and other associates.

• Knowledge of key statistics from China Hotel Industry Study since 2002.

• Excellent exposure in Shanghai, China’s economic and financial hub.

• Access to Horwath HTL’s strong network.


Who Will Attend CHAT Beijing? Who Will Attend CHAT Shanghai?

• Developers & Investors

• Hotel Operators

• Planer, Architects and Designers

• Lawyers

• Banks & Financing Institutes

• Project Managers and Industry experts

• Hotel Owners& Investors

• Hotel Operators

• Architects and Designers

• Lawyers

• Brokers, Banks & Financing Institutes

• Industry experts

Who Attended in CHAT Beijing 2016? Who Attended in CHAT Shanghai 2015?
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Horwath HTL is the management consulting of Crowe Horwath International that specializes in hotel, leisure and tourism industries. Established in Asia in 1987, Horwath HTL has consulted about 4,000 hotel and tourism related projects throughout the region (including over 1,200 projects in China) for clients ranging from individually held businesses to the world’s most prominent operators, developers, lenders, investors and industrial corporations.


Horwath HTL now operates offices in several key cities throughout the Asia Pacific region, including Auckland, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. Our offices work closely together to ensure that our clients receive a multi-skilled international perspective for their projects. Horwath HTL is also supported by the Horwath database, the largest and most complete hotel and tourism related database in the world.


No other firm is better positioned to meet today’s and tomorrow’s industry challenges than Horwath HTL – Experts in the hotel, tourism and leisure industries.



STR Global logo M


Smith Travel Research (STR), Hotel Benchmark and The Bench—Three of the most respected names in hospitality benchmarking and analysis—have joined together to launch a new company—STR. With the most extensive coverage of hotel performance data across the world’s markets, and the largest database of hotels—there is no need to look anywhere else.


As the leader in hotel performance data, STR provides clients—including hotel operators, developers, financiers, analysts and suppliers to the hotel industry—access to hotel research with regular and custom reports covering Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and South America. STR provides a single source of global hotel data covering daily and monthly performance data, forecasts, annual profitability, pipeline, census information and so on. It has become the most reliable and informative data source for hoteliers and hotel industry professionals around the world. STR now has over 2,900 users in China, covering 52 sub markets and 614,298 rooms.




Registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, China Tourist Hotel Association (“CTHA”) was established in February 1986 as an independent legal entity under the operational guidance and supervision & management of China National Tourism Administration (“CNTA”).


CTHA is a national non-profit industry organization formed, in a voluntary manner, by the Association of Tourist Hotels and Local Hotels, hotel management companies, hotel academies, hotel equipment & supplies providers and other relevant organizations in the territory of China as well as the hotel experts and senior scholars.


Tenet of CTHA: to abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and relevant policies, comply with the social moralities, represent and protect the common interests of Chinese tourist hotel industry and the legal rights and interests of members of CTHA, serve the members of CTHA and the industry under the guidance of competent authorities, build a bridge and link between the members and the governments and make a positive contribution to the healthy development of Chinese tourist hotel industry.


Scope of services for CTHA Members: publicity and implementation of national development guidelines related to the tourism industry and the policies and regulations on the tourist hotel industry; reporting the aspirations and requirements of the members to the competent authorities; organizing the members to develop the industry rules and regulations and supervising their compliance to maintain the market order of tourist hotels; carrying out the investigations and studies on the hotel industry and assisting the competent authorities of hotels in the industry management; exchanging the working experience of tourist hotels and collecting information of the hotel industries both at home and abroad; based on the entrustment of relevant governmental authorities or according to the requirements for market and industry development, organizing and conducting the hotel-targeted training, discussions, visits and relevant product exhibitions; participating in the implementation of relevant standards and carrying out the certification work; leading the operational activities of its special committees; conducting the exchanges and cooperation with overseas hotel & restaurant associations and other relevant industry organizations.


CTHA has gathered a lot of star-rated hotels with great fame, wide influence, standard service and high reputation, as well as influential worldwide hotel groups and famous hotel brands. Up to now, there have been 2,700 members, 333 directors, 115 standing directors and 25 vice presidents in CTHA. Mr. Zhang Run Gang is the president of the association.


In the year of 1994, CTHA was recruited into International Hotel & Restaurant Association (Abb. As IH&RA) as one of its director.

CHAT Committee 


Lori Luo

Title: Events Director



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