CHAT Shanghai 2016
China Hotels & Tourism Conference

September 21-22 | Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

How to explore demand in the internet era?




The Internet – Not a dreadful monster but wings for a tiger.


In this session,  Feng Lu(The East Hotel Management Zhejiang Co., Ltd.GM) and Tod Zhou ( CSO & Travel Department GM) and Mr. Lu(The East Hotel Management Zhejiang Co., Ltd.GM) shared with us the practices on how to capturing demand and how to increase customers’ retention on internet.


Easy connection to hotel website: All hotels, including international branded hotels, economy chain hotels, and standalone hotels, need to establish their own websites, which definitely should link to the hotel reservation system. That is the convenience that internet gives us. However, the portals could bring some problems to the clients at the same time. For example, some hotels’ or hotel groups’ portals were placed outside China, which results a problem of slow connection speed between portals and users in China, hence affect the users’ experience.


Internet reputation management


hotel’s business could also come from reputation management. Sorting, replying and analyzing reviews of a hotel could help to improve customers’ experience, optimize working processes and upgrade hotel facilities.




Elaborate keywords on search engines


When booking channel is prevailed by OTAs, how hotels do internet marketing? When top ranked positions are all brought out by OTAs on big search engines, such as Baidu, what should the hotels do to make them known by public? Here comes the importance of keyword choice. Using elaborate keywords in internet advertising can make it easy for clients to search out the hotel. The top ranked information about a hotel in search engines could not be their own official website, but the good reputations of a hotel. The functions could all be realized through sophisticated design of a hotel’s keywords.




Social media applications


 If a hotel do not have a high budget on internet marketing, it has to make full use of available social media. In recent years, we have all observed the symptom of a trend that hotels’ traditional CRM system is gradually being replaced by the CRM with social functions, such as Wechat and other applications. Hotels should pay more attention on use and development of such applications, and of course, they should well linked with central reservation system. By such, hotels could further explore potential customers and transfer the customers from OTA to their own application’s users and members.



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