CHAT Shanghai 2016
China Hotels & Tourism Conference

September 21-22 | Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

Influencing Customer Experience with Mobile Technology




In “Influencing customer experience with mobile technology” Mr. Michael Simon, General Manager of Distribution EMEA and APAC, Marriott International, shared with us how new technologies are changing the traditional hotel industry and impacting consumer experiences. Undeniably, while mobile technology is changing our lives, it also created many possibilities and new opportunities.

Next generation travelers in China: born and raised with new technologies

In the past two decades, China has transformed from a Pre-PC era directly to the period of mobile technology. Thanks to the 400 million new generation users, the science and technology development has experienced the fastest and most premier growth in China. In the next 5 years, it is expected 75% of Marriott customers would become “Wifi Generation”, whom are mostly born after 1998, grew up with technologies and have strong ability to adapt to new information technology. Their extent of using new technologies is about three times higher than the previous generation and many of them prefer online reservations. With mobile technology, a hotel stay experience now starts simply from making a booking.




The new way: everything to be arranged by mobile phones

It is now common for new generation travelers to call for taxi on a mobile app for calling taxis. In the future, more travelers will use their smart phones to obtain boarding pass. Landing and hotel arrival information will be sent to their mobiles while they are still on the planes. Based on various researches, online activities stopped once travelers arrived at their hotels. There are a lot of human intensive interactions within a hotel, many do not have yet online services. While interpersonal communication is critical in the serviced-oriented hotel industry, we also need to stay prospective and adapt to change. Under the premise of maintaining good customer experience, it is necessary to apply new technologies to better serve their needs. For instance, research found that many consumers pay close attention to digital involvement of hotels, such as videos and website qualities, before they make reservations. At present, approximately one out of three reservations is made through Marriott official website and there is an increasing trend of customers willing to participate in Marriott’s reward program. 




The experience that future travelers want: Digital involvement, fast access and quick interaction

Based on recent research, 70% customers agreed that technologies affect their stay decision and 74% of them are interested in digital involvements, where they could discover more hotel offerings such as rooms, spa facilities and restaurants. In addition, travelers hope that new technologies could be quickly accessible to enhance interaction, arrange services and improve experiences. These services include check-in check-out by smartphones, instant payment through mobile app (eg. Marriot’s launch of Alipay in China), room-ready alerts, service requests (eg. Request for a glass of champagne through mobile app), restaurant reservations, mobile guestroom keys, and mobile connection to in-room entertainment (eg. connecting smartphone or ipad to in-room TV with bluetooth).

This is the era where mobile technology dominates. Yet in the development, we must also pay close attention to the possible service interruption (eg. customer frustrations when mobile keys fail to open guestroom doors) and cost issues caused by new technology. Take Marriott’s mobile key development as an example, the group is fully aware of the concerns and has developed 76 kinds of different door locking methods. Other than guestroom doors, Marriott is also trying to apply it to other facilities such as guests’ access to executive lounge or meeting rooms. The ultimate goal is to ensure high level of security, enable multi-functionality as well as control operating costs.




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