CHAT Shanghai 2016
China Hotels & Tourism Conference

September 21-22 | Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

Join Us: the Year of Regeneration!



Dear Friends,

Welcome to this beautiful Beijing spring season! CHAT is delighted to host you in Beijing, as always, at the start of the year.

Jack Ma and Wang Jianlin have recently pointed out their positive outlook for modernized service industry, consumer goods industry, tourism, and high-tech industry etc. Coincidentally CHAT pulled together resources from every one of these booming industries. We happen to see the future from the same perspective! Nevertheless, we are also witnessing the decline of traditional business models under this new technology-driven business environment. CHAT believes that 2016 will be a year for “regeneration” in many industries. We are ready to breakthrough from our old models and structures, and to explore this new world with a keen sense of imagination and curiosity.

CHAT, it is.

CHAT Beijing, with an attempt to create new conference delivery and contents, will present to you three major sessions – “CHAT Essence”, “Classic CHAT”, and “CHAT Energy”.

Day 1 CHAT Essence

This session includes 3 sub-topics, namely “Hotel Full Life Cycle Asset Management”, “Entering the Tourism & Leisure Industry”, and “New Trends of Hotel Brand & Design”. Please join us in any session that interest you.

Day 2 Classic CHAT

This is a full-day session, covering hot topics such as “Break-through in the Hotel Industry”, “Regenerating Hotel Securitization”. In addition, Horwath HTL will present our featured publication – “The True Beauty of China Countryside Inns”. Furthermore, industry leaders will participate in discussing “Family Travelers’ Sweet Spot”.

Day 3 CHAT Energy

This is a special session centering around post-90s consumers or “The New Workforce”. This half-day session, consisting of speeches and discussions between delegates from different generations and multiple industries, is believed to help everyone better understand this new group of “consumers” and “career partners”.


2016, CHAT invites you to join us to

Break Free, and

Create New.