CHAT Shanghai 2016
China Hotels & Tourism Conference

September 21-22 | Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

The Innovative Incomes of Future Hotels




During CHAT Shanghai 2015, Mr. Murphy Zhu, Head of Development of InterContinental Hotels Group, pointed out the close-mindedness of the current China hotel market. What are the innovative income sources? How can we achieve those?




Hotel is usually a component of commercial or tourism real estate developments, so it should interact and integrate with other available busines or industries to form a “win-win” partnership. For example, a hotel can partner with its surrounding business to design products or services (even some non-traditional-hotel options) for sale based on both parties’ respective strengths. Mr. Martin Yang, Vice President from Zhejiang Seclusion Group, even raised the idea that hotel is the best “O2O platform” as it offers a space for the customer to stay in for a rather long period of time. In this sense, a hotel is indeed the best venue for product display and experience. According to Mr. Yang, the displays and amenities at Seclusion hotels are all available for sale online or offline with home delivery service. So far, this has contributed 15 percent of the total revenue for these hotels. At this moment, arts and culture are the most compatible and valuable elements that successfully combined with hotels, but the industry should not stop here without actively seeking for opportunities to work with other new industries.




On the other hand, “giving up” is also critical when trying to create new income for the hotels. When some hotel functions neither work well nor make profits, we should reconsider if it is necessary to keep them. If there were no better way to improve the “loss” condition, “giving up” and converting the areas to other profitable functions would also be a strategy to create new income.




There are no absolute directions or limitations on the path of innovation. But Mr. Zhu proposed 7 dimensions to guide the thinking and exploring process, which are: location, space, time, products, services, brand and team. Each of the above dimensions can be extended to look for potential innovative incomes, such as using the popular public space for exhibition and promotion, and introducing the use of health care products and services during the guests’ sleeping time. We have to stay clear of hotel’s old way of thinking and keep an innovative mindset on our path. We are the ones to create future!


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